We had nearly sixty hacks entered in this year's Best Hack Contest, a marathon 5 hour event! This is a copy of the resulting ballot. Voting will happen during lunch today, and results will be announced at tonight's banquet.

We'd like to thank everyone who entered for the fun, excitement, and hacks!

10th Annual MacHax(TM) MacHack Best Hack Contest

The Ballot -- The Front Side

There is also a Back side (that would be over on the other side of this page).

Check up to five hacks.

Were this the actual ballot, we would encourage you to put ballots in the box in the Holidome by the end of lunch.

Hack Name Author(s) Description On the CD? When Built
Better After Dark Security
Avi Drissman Patches 3 security holes in the password protection mechanism of After Dark 3.0d. Source Before
watrend Gavriel State Portable 3D scanline renderer with sources. BeOS port done at MacHack Source During
FontMancer Chuck Simciak Yet another font utility Source Before
Directory Lookup Alex McKale Apple Employees can now use MPW to track management changes. No source During
Sparks Mark Darling A trail of sparks follow the cursor around on the desktop Source During
DragClick Greg Friedman All TextEdit is draggable (including style info for styled text) Source During
ArrangeScript Greg Friedman Adds inline execution of AppleScript text to CESoftware's WebArranger product. Source During
MacHack AV Team Darryl Wattenberg (manager) Josh Dady Mike Davis Audio/Visual Support for the MacHack '96 Conference No source During
Scott's Soul Brian Bechtel I've stolen Scott's soul for MacHack. Source During
HyperHack Allan Bonadio Hypertext system using very very little compiled code. Source During
MenuHack Donald Brown Adds a menu to your web browser using notes in your WebArranger document! And NO INITS Source During
XGS Joshua M. Thompson Work-in progress Apple IIgs emulator for X windows. Source During
MenuMadness Maf Vosburgh Gives you transparent, animated menus. Source During
Transporter Pad Scott Lindsey Transports drags between two Macintoshes. No source Before
Java Web Server & WebArranger CGI Jon Callas Uses callable Roaster to make a web server which serves information from WebArranger. Source During
Circle in clouds (Venus) Oleg Kiselyov Circle in clouds - simple VR application Source Before
ModernAntiVirus Ben Martz MAV detects and stops Microsoft products from being used, and offers to move the offending program to the trash. No source During
Rear View Mirror John Ardussi
Ken Hornak
Zone Raiders, the 3D, hover car game, lets you look in the rear view mirror. Hey, you can see yourself. No source During
Mac-in-a-Box Ben Martz Desktop Power Macintosh in a briefcase. No source During
Ahhhhhh Chris Jacobson Patches ReleaseResource to play a sound... (eew) Source During
Aaron w/Pop-Up Windows Greg Landweber Adds pop-up windows to Aaron NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION. (parts of the original extension by Ed Voas) No source During
NSQTVR Plugin Jon Summers Quicktime VR plugin for Internet browsers. Source During
BreakArt and QuickCapture Plug-ins Matt Foster These are plug-ins for the Adobe Illustrator 6.0 application. BreakArt is a breakout game using Illustrator artwork. AIQuickCapture grabs a video frame and makes a raster object. Turn yourself into a wall of bricks and smash away. Source During
FMWM Rob Hagopian
(w/Oleg Kiselyov)
Attempts to simulate window focus changes through mouse pointer. Source During
DragPath Unbound Pete Gontier, Apple Mac DTS Drag Queen Allows drags from Finder into any Drag Mgr aware app which accepts text. Creates textual full pathname in various formats. No source Before
Hungry Homer (RURL) Sean Harper, Jesse Boettcher with help from Steve Javonovic and that little kid who bugged us. Cool hack, example of Apple Event and other cool stuff and animation. Whoever wrote this is god. Source During
Translucent Power Windows Greg Landweber Drags translucent windows. No source Before
ObiWan dcmd Quinn "The Eskimo!" This dcmd allows you to access ObiWan information from inside MacsBug. Source During
FinderFlocks Dave Johnson Flocks the icons in the front finder window
(with a lot of stolen AppleEvent code from Greg Anderson).
Source During
When In Rome Barry Semo Converts all decimal numbers to Roman numerals. Source During
FlyPaper Damon Cokenias A drag hack that implements the Newton-style clipboard. Also has other features (with some preexisting code). No source During
PowerBreakfastBook Eric Slosser Nutritional and computational needs satisfied. No source During
AudioCD dcmd Christopher Evans A MacsBug dcmd that lets you play audio CDs Source Before
Talking Telnet Nevin ":-)" Liber Added Speech capabilities to NCSA Telnet No source During
TickTalk addition Christopher Evans A DragStrip addition that will display the current time in words in many different languages No source During
Instant Web Roy Leban Patches DrawString to automatically load any URLs displayed anywhere on your screen, in windows, dialog boxes, title bars, even menus. You better have a fast connection! No source After
Video Pumps Timothy Knox && Patrick Lavelle Video Pump for under $300 No source During
QuidProNo! j geagan   Source During
troZ!!! CGI Grant Neufeld Randomly interrupts documents being returned from the server. Source During
Booting Gallery John Wallace, Jörg Brown, Sheila Wallace and mysterious Mr. X Enjoy a booting gallery with extension icons in the classic shoot-em-ups Duck Shoot and Asteriods. Don't get hit or suffer the consequences. Source During
EREFUGEE T-Shirt James Goebel TShirt for eWorld expatriots. Source During
Natural Order Stuart Cheshire Makes the Finder sort names containing numbers in the sensible order Source During
Vowel Doubler Shane D. Looker Doubles your vowels Source During
StockHack Dmitry Dolinsky Talking stock quotes for WebArranger No source During
3D No 'doz Michael Hopkins
Glenn Austin
Replaces system startup logo Source During
TrimScreen Stuart Cheshire For cracked PowerBook screens -- trims broken pixels from the edges Source Before
Submit Hack Chris Allen and friends Automates submissions of files Source During
ABC Hack Jon Gowtow, Nathan Tennis, Jeff Walker This allows the finder to sort files names with numbers to sort by numeric value Source During
CorelDraw! OpenDoc Viewer Hack Gav State and Marc Sherman An OpenDoc part viewer for CorelDRAW! CMX export files, built in 24 hours No source During
CleanupBy Glenn Austin Adds hierarchical menu to the Special's "Clean Up" menu Source Before
VideoFolder Keith Stattenfield Creates a group of tiled Finder icons representing the video input on the machine. Source During
NewtVisualizer Jim Schram Mirror a Newton screen on the Mac for use in presentations No source During
Programmer's Time Chris Espinosa and Dave Winer Makes the system clock run at half speed, so your projects get done on time. Source During
O Boy Bob Boylan O Boy allows you to navigate the AEOM. Source Before
Joust with the Keynote Whiner Howard Cash (and the SPROCKETS team) Extension to the Grypha "Joust" game with our keynote speaker replacing one of the "friends" Source During

The Ballot -- The Back Side

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Circle up to 5 hacks

WebArranger Hacks (select only one)

Java Web Server & WebArranger CGI Jon Callas Uses callable Roaster to make a web server which serves information from WebArranger. Source During
ArrangeScript Greg Friedman Adds inline execution of AppleScript text to CESoftware's WebArranger. Source During
StockHack Dmitry Dolinsky Talking stock quotes for WebArranger No source During
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MacHack XI, 1996