We had ninety hacks entered in this year's MacHax(TM) MacHack Best Hack Contest, a record-breaking six hour event!

This is a copy of the resulting ballot. Voting happens during lunch on the same day as the Hack Show, and results get announced at that evening's banquet.

Once again, we'd like to thank everyone who entered for the fun, excitement, and hacks!

14th Annual MacHax(TM) MacHack Best Hack Contest

The Ballot

Check up to five hacks.

Were this the actual ballot, we would encourage you to put ballots in the box in the atrium by the end of lunch.

Yoot hacks are marked with a "-Y".

Name Authors Short Description Yoot
3D QuickTime Dynamics Olof Hellman 3D MD application and movie
ACRONYMity Karl Kornel-Y, 18 turn a word into a stupid phrase Yes
An ATypoKill Hack Adam C. Engst auto-correct for Eudora
AppleScript in Acrobat plugin Michael Dautermann embed applescript into pdf files
Bad Cats Donald Brown Movie about cats and internet
Bomb O’Clock Chris Russ When crashes, blinks 12:00
Boxer Tom Zerucha manipulate any file on the palm
ChairFix Jesse Boettcher-Y, 18 unlock city chair feature Yes
Close Window Thing Joshua Shaffer-Y, 17, Len French II-Y, 20 Effects on close window Yes
Codewarrior UI plugin Glenn Meter marathon in a plugin window
Commentator David Shayer source code commentor
Dialing Addresses Jon Rentzsch uses palm speaker to dial phone #’s
Disapearing Hack Phil Smith-Y, 14 makes icons on finder disapear Yes
Divestiture Rich Siegel, with help from Greg Marriott splits winds of microsoft apps in two
Dock Strip Miro Jurisic, Alexandra Ellwood makes control strip look like a dock
Doggie-Style Windows Mark Johns-Y, 16, Justin Lee-Y, 16 makes wins run away from front wind Yes
Dynamic Desktop Hack Greg Tapolow, TGCC, with thanks to Tom Becker animated desktop
Easy as pi Philippe Casgrain ProcInfo Calculator
EggTracker Hunter Green-Y, 14 tells about easter eggs Yes
EtherPEG Peter Bierman, Sam Bushell, Stuart Cheshire network sniffer for JPEGs and GIFs
filks greg Tapolow Apple based filks
Finder Grok Shane Looker, Aran Clauson, Rob Tsuk added inline wild card searchin folder
Finders Peekers Florian Dejako, Thomas Tempelmann file system framework
FishHack Mike Neil Control Panel for Billy Bass
Fun Police Sean Harper-Y, 19 Productivity enhancement Yes
G4 Portable Doug Clarke, Troy Benjegerdes collaborative remote gdb debugger
Game manager Jon Hirschberger-Y, 12, Hunter Green-Y, 14, Hollin Wilkins-Y, 12 helps select favorite games Yes
Genie Joshua Juran MacOS command shell program.
Gray Matter Allon Stern antialias text on a Palm
Hack On Doug Clarke daylight coming and my hacks not done
Haxor Speak Phil Smith-Y, 14 change text file into hax source speach Yes
Hex Shortcuts Allon Stern allow you to enter any character
I survived MacHack Y2K Jay Weiss What we look like at end of Machack
Icon Parade X Ben Martz, Wilfredo Sanchez brings icon parade back
iDebugger Geoff Adams, Diane Reamy customize jasik’s debugger for iBook
iDew Micah Alperm-Y An iMac made out of Mountain dew Cans Yes
Internet Explorer 5.5b1 Jimmy Grewal, Steve Falkenburg, Matthew Vosburgh Even better web browser
IPFlakeWay Peter A. Sichel, Tom Becker allows to make internet con flaky
iSimple Hollin Wilkins-Y, 12, Jon Hirshberger-Y,12, Hunter Green-Y, 14 you type it talks Yes
JasikGDB Gavriel State Jasik theme for KDE.
Jon’s Quiz Show Jon Hirschberger-Y, 12 a monty python quiz show Yes
Just Do It Paul Baxter gets rid of “are you sure” dialog
Katz Tom Zerucha use a mouse on a palm
L33T LIEK JEFF K. William Mackay-Y, 19, Paul Oppenhein-Y, 19 makes you type leet speak Yes
LibVorbis For MacOS Chris Hanson, xiph.org audio codec similar to mp3
Los Alamos Security Jonathan Gary implements Los Alamos Security Pract.
Mac OS X MP Enabler Josh de Cesare enables multi-processing on Mac OS X
Mac OS X Throbber Jorg Brown MacOS X emulator/ button throbber
MacHacksBug Doug Clarke, Troy Benjegerdes collaborative remote gdb debugger
MacMagic and URLAlbum Dylan Matthews-Y, 10 two hacks one internet, one not Yes
Mixed Mode Madness Paul Baxter 6502 inter in the mixed mode manager
Monitor Doubler Eric Traut doubles the size of your monitor
More Kitties Michael Rutman Screws with your web pages
No, its not ok Diane Reamy end annoying alerts, w/ only ok option
NoShitSherlock Matthew Slot Wild card utility for the finder.
Open DVD Vincent Gable-Y, 16, George Warner, Jason Seng

Open Via Map Josef Wankerl opens files based on file name ext
OS X Ready! Avi Drissman Adjusts hard drive for OS X
OS X Single Window Finder Mike Schmiderer emulates single window finder - OS X
Palm Flying Toasters Screen Saver Sanford Selznick, Nevin Liber Prevent Palm screen burn in.
Pc Game’n Junkie Jay Weiss Song Parody of “Junk food Junkie”
Pixel Artist’s first hack Carol Goodell BlackTieWithYellowFlourish.com
Pizza Hack Maurita Plouff, Eric Raymond Automates pizza decisions
Plaid pocket Andy Furnas-Y, 12 moves item from desktop into folder Yes
PostScript OSA Leonard Rosenthol postscript as a system wide script lang
Precious Memories Daniel Becker-Y, 16, Lynda Botez compilation of machack Yes
Process DOOM for Mac OS X Stan Shebs Kill OS X processes from DOOM
Quit Something Else Andrew Downs Quits multiple apps in low memory
Rekt_ayMæk Gregory Lo-Y, 25 give the impression w/ broken monitor Yes
Return of Cap’n Magneto Al Evans classic mac game
Santa Paravia Thomas Knox Port of apple two game
Screen Rotator Paul Baxter Rotates screen, and flips
Secret Decoder Toby Rush shows invisible files
Semaphore Lucius Kwok-Y, 23 displays semaphore flags Yes
ShoveIt Deluxe Wilfredo Sanchez compress/decompress tool
SimpleTrap Ned Holbrook-Y, 21 SimpleText in a trap Yes
Snooze Alarm Jon Rentzsch monitors whether forhead hits display
Softshoe Lisa Lippincott Prevents accidental tapping
Subversive Component Hacks Sam Bushell four hacks that capture QT components
System Pulse Jonathan Gary Monitors event frequency
The Duplicator Eli Lakritz-Y, 13 it duplicates files Yes
The Rant Greg Tapolow entertainment rant
Typogen Mike Ferris Generates typos while people are typing
UPPER TEXT Jessica Baxter-Y,13 makes all text upper case and sorts it. Yes
Vertigo Drew Thaler, Ed Wynne, Darrin Cardani, keith Stattenfield Drops entire desktop into 3D stereo
Voyeur Donald Brown Application showing a webcam
Waste with Stylers Tom Becker WASTE w/ links and images
WinCE Mark Darling Windows look and feel simulator
WinCopy Donald Brown contextual menu that copies files
X-MENu James Correia it makes OS X menu for 9

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